Time to Gear Up for Fall Parades
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Summer is here and it is time to think about your Fall season Parade of Homes and local Home Shows. With interest rates remaining consistent for home buyers, we have been seeing a deficit of homes on the market in many areas. Buyers are looking for the latest features and greatest homes on the market. Bring your Parade to your home buyers with our user-friendly ParadeSmart App.

ParadeSmart will be there for you when you need the ability to go mobile. Your buyers and attendees can access data on the road and create their own map of how they want to see your homes. ParadeSmart will make available detailed home information, images of the homes and maps to show how to get to each one. We can help you with ticketing, Point-of-Sale and custom Apps. We can create custom features if you need something more. ParadeSmart provides a Building Pros directory and will add your branding to the App.

We hope your upcoming event is a success! We have the right tools to help you make your show even better. Contact us today! hello@paradesmart.com  or call 435-767-1732