Screenshots for St George Parade's App
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The annual St George Area Parade Of Homes starts this weekend in beautiful Southern Utah (my home town).  With 28 homes built by master craftsmen, and a good weather forecast, we're hoping for an excellent parade.  Online ticket sales are up over last year, which is also encouraging. This parade charges $15 per ticket and uses ParadeSmart's ticket scanning solution.  The parade draws about 40,000 visitors from the region and is a significant event in our community.

To prepare for this first parade of the year, the ParadeSmart team has rebuilt our custom app from the ground up. Most of the improvements are things that would make app geeks cry with glee (such as a complicated solution to serving information when offline and syncing when network connectivity is restored, and live updates to the core of the app).  There have also been significant cosmetic improvements as well.  Here are some screenshots of the St George Area Parade Of Homes app, available on the app stores to download for free.

Click on a screenshot to view it full screen.

Splash Screen Home List
Opening splash screen The main list of homes. The countdown timer (it's animated and fun to watch the count down!) will disappear once the parade begins. 
Expanded home list view Map view
The expanded home list view Parade homes map view
Filter menu Menu
The home filter menu lets you narrow down the list of homes by certain criteria. You can also hide the map until the parade begins. The items on the slide out menu show the various options. 
Restaurant List Member listing
A clever way this parade finds additional sponsors is by allowing restaurants along the parade route to have a special spot in the app and map Import your HBA membership list to help people find the building professionals in the area.  Search by category or name in the app.
Home Detail About the builder
View details about a home. Mark homes as visited to keep track where you've already been. Add a home to your plan to create a custom route of the homes you want to visit that day. View information about the builder of the home, including contact information.  Include links to the builder's website, Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other ways the builder wants customers to contact and learn more about them.
Contact Builder Subcontractors
Easily contact the builder by tap-to-call or filling out a form in the app. Show off who your subcontractors are for each home (and highlight those that are HBA members)
Photo Gallery Idea Book & Notes
Show additional photos of the home, the floor plan, and other things Attach photos and notes of the things you like about each home! The notes and photos you take are private and help you remember the things you liked most about the homes you visited. 

Let ParadeSmart custom develop your next parade's app too!  ParadeSmart's system is easy to use, the service is great, and affordable as well.  Contact us today to get started.