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ParadeSmart Features

Custom built.
Branded for your event.

You take time to brand your magazine, your website, your tickets, your billboards and TV spots for your parade as your parade. Why not your mobile app? The best thing that separates ParadeSmart apart is that our clients get a custom, branded app. No more searching the app stores for a generic one-size-fits-none app, but let visitors be directed to your app, made for your parade.

Not only is it branded as your app, many of the features of the app can be customized or adapted for the unique way you wish to carry out your parade. When you work with ParadeSmart, you work directly with the programmers that develop the app, so things aren't lost in translation.

Full control.
An easy-to-use admin.

Most HBAs and organizations that put on parades of homes are understaffed and overwhelmed. Shouldn't setting up your custom parade app should be easy and straight forward? Our dashboard system makes managing your parade very easy (even our moms can do it). Set up homes, builders, subcontractors, sponsors, view reports, and much more.

To spread the workload, you can have even give each builder their own login where they only see information pertinent to them. Builders could be given access to upload photos of their home along with other home details. Builders can update their profile and list subcontractors that worked on the home. With our ticketing solution, builders can view real time statistics of visits to their home.

Ticket scanning.
Insightful analytics.

ParadeSmart is the perfect solution for parades that charge for admission or want to track visitor information to each home. By scanning tickets at each door, you can enforce the rules of the sale of your tickets or simply track which homes were the busiest. ParadeSmart supplies all of the unique codes and can can assist with parade ticket design and printing logistics as well.

ParadeSmart also offers an elegant online ticket sales solution. Sell e-tickets from your website and allow visitors to print their tickets from home or exchange them for a paper ticket at the door (voucher system). Wow your visitors with the convenience of downloading their ticket into your parade app as well!

Delight your sponsors.

Sponsors make events possible, and ParadeSmart's tools give you ample opportunity to let your biggest supports get the recognition they deserve. From splash screens, to in-app banner ads, to transactional emails, you have full control over where you want ads placed. The best part is that you keep 100% of your ad revenue.

Expand your app's capability by downloading your HBA membership directory into the app, making it easy for visitors to find skilled craftsmen and local businesses to help them with their home building and remodeling needs. Include restaurants or other venues along the parade route on maps and special sections of the app as well.

Engage visitors.

ParadeSmart's custom apps are designed with the end user in mind. Features such as the idea book (pictured below) allow visitors to take photos and notes of things that inspire them. The app will organize the photos by home for them automatically. Other features that engage visitors include geofencing, beacons, in-home QR codes for additional information, reviews, and more. Visitors can send a message to the builder with a tap of the button.

Getting driving directions from home to home is also important, and ParadeSmart's custom apps make this easy. ParadeSmart's app will launch your phone's built-in GPS navigation app to take you there, even for homes in new subdivisions. In fact, visitors can select homes they want to visit ahead of time and the app will create a custom route for them. Visitors can also search and filter the list of homes by city, price of the home, and other criteria. Because our apps are custom built, our team can build in features your specific parade needs as well!

Integrated website design.

ParadeSmart offers beautiful & modern website design services that are also extremely functional and time saving for busy HBAs and parade planning committees. Our websites integrate with the same database as the rest of ParadeSmart account such that when you add home details through the admin area, the same information that goes into the app goes on the website simultaneously and instantly, saving you hours of duplicating the same information on other sites. Aside from home information, websites can offer ticket sales, pages dedicated to the team behind the parade, links to sponsors, an interactive map of homes, links to download a copy of your parade magazine and map, and much more.

Event success.
Excellent support & service.

Events can be stressful, but it's reassuring to know a team such as ParadeSmart stands ready to answer questions and provide support at any time of need. We at ParadeSmart take pride in our products and stand behind our service. Our mission is to see that your parade is successful.

All features.

Content loading : $45/home

(optional but recommended)

We design a system that allows you to input all of your data yourself. However, if you wish ParadeSmart to load your data (home photos, home descriptions, sponsors, etc.) for you, we offer this Content Loading service.

Ticket Scanning Device Rental : $35/each

For convenience, use our tablets at each home for ticket scanning so that your builders don't need to use their own.

Beacon Rental : $25/each

User our pre-programmed beacons in your home to add an interactive experience.

Website Design

Our roots are in website design and development. All of our websites are best in class, beautiful, modern, and interactive. Our websites integrate into the whole ParadeSmart ecosystem, so that when you load home information for the app, the website is also instantly updated, saving you loads of time. Call for a custom quote.

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